martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

Personal Information

My name is Marjorie, live in Pte Alto, Santiago, Chile. I like reading and listening to music with content, either in English or Spanish. Movies I like entertaining, the horror, the occasional gore and some love <3!.>

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  1. greetings..very interestin you personal information!! :D

  2. Hello May!

    I wait be very well, for that in English? You do not see that I have to occupy translator and I do not like the Englishman already look after yourself very much and you are a very pretty person xau

  3. I really liked your Blog. I think you have all the creatitivity to do it better. Thank you very much for you participation on this Project.

    Miss Sylvia

  4. Hey, Morjorie...remember a blog can have more information in the same entry, please add more songs, book and movie reviews, etc.! You need to have same news too!!!!

    For tomorrow, please create a new entry called "Learn something about English"
    Your topic is: PRESENT SIMPLE

    See you!!!