martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

BooK (comic)

The umbrella AcademY! (♡)

-The Umbrella Academy is a comic written by lead singer of the band *My Chemical Romance! (♡)Gerard Way! [★].
Is a limited series of 6 numbers, winning two Eisner Awards and presents the incredible drawings by Gabriel Bá and covers the fantastic James Jean. It appears to be made into a film by Universal Pictures.
●GerarD waY! (♥)*

- "In a year unusual for mankind born 43 children" extraordinary. "All single mothers, with no apparent signs of pregnancy and in the strangest places. Only 7 of these children were saved from his fate and educated by tycoon Sir Reginald Hargreeves to control his bizarre powers, why? To save the world, said ... "

-Let them here the first complete miniseries brought in from the Legend of the Star Wars Kingdom-X translation and models of Budapest. In addition, a "number zero for the Free Comic Book Day.

● Zero

● One!

● TwO!

● Three!

● FouR!

● FivE!

● SiX!

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