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Pride And Prejudice *

*This was inspired by a book by Jane Austen, published in 1813 as the first romantic comedy of epoca.La story is about a marriage of five daughters of which the mother wants to marry as soon as possible, being a bit excessive and exagerada.La eldest daughter falls in love with a man who is arriving in the capital. Therefore breast strives to end up marrying. In the first dance they are known, thus begins the story as there are also known Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who are the first encounter protagonistas.El not the best and only disgust and proboca Over the malestar.Con These days more and more hated, but at heart they loved. The concideras that the family is unfit and that his friend's girlfriend does not want to like her, which intrudes and ended the relationship. Elizabeth on hearing of this, I hate him even more and everything becomes sad. She goes to visit a friend and encounters with her lover, she criticizes his wrongdoing, but becomes more interested in her than in the problems of sister asks him to marry but she rejects him for his prejuicios.El is broken up but tries to address the mistakes I made. Eventually the Countess goes home to claim for their commitment to the, to which this responds that no such compromiso.A which she feels sad given how much that if he wants and what necesita.Luego he goes in his quest and declared each other. In short, the aim is that she must overcome his prejudices and his pride must overcome to be together. (L)

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