lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009


Premiere new moon *-*

New Moon, the second part of the twilight saga, came to our country on November 26. For those fascinated with reading "Twilight", the fantastic love story between a teenage girl and a vampire, comes the second part of the novel entitled "New Moon". Isabella Swan, a teenager, smart, moody, brave and sure, is willing to give everything for his love for Edward and do not mind losing his soul and his human condition to live with this forever at his side. Despite her love, Edward believes that it is appropriate to continue with romance as its only desire is the happiness of Bella. An unexpected rush of events. Edward ends his relationship with Bella and leaves his family to another city. At this time, a number of questions will open the reader to catch in the plot of this novel. Can withstand the departure of Edward Bella? Why seek constant challenges? Will I need to be on the brink of danger to re-hear the voice of Edward? Who really is Jacob and that its place in your life? The young reader will enjoy the story from the first pages of the novel, in which reality and fiction intertwine. Romance, intrigue, mystery, suspense, danger, adventure, change scenarios, numerous sensory images, and lots of descriptions are the elements to engage readers immediately immersed in the plot. Exciting, emotional, entertaining, poignant and full of surprises, "New Moon" will not disappoint those who enjoyed reading "Twilight" and waited for the continuity of the exciting romance between Bella and Edward.

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