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He was there sitting on the floor beside the body of his beloved daughter Lindsay. A little of just 3 years. His body soaked in blood, harbored traces of a long struggle to defend the purity of the hands of that unfortunate ... That day, his parents went to the store to buy his birthday present. Wherefore let her sleep, not to ruin the surprise. It was 23:30 pm. The streets were dark and silent, to something cold, the house was dark, quiet reigned ... Lindsay ... your favorite bear sleeping dreams awake. In a moment the silence was broken by a blow. The small awoke, something told him that things were not going well. Hug your bear, is sheltered between the blankets, warm and protective of their bed. Contracted sharply his jaw and closed his eyes so that he thought he could not ever open them. Silence befell the house. She terrified, waiting to hear the gentle voice of his mother, and that at any moment, everything improved. The second was a nightmare, the worst that she remembered. His instinct was ordered to wait. She could hear his breathing and the beating of her frightened heart. A sound that she knew well, he had his senses were paralyzed. It was the door of his room was opening ... His breath froze, his whole body contracted. Without knowing how or when, was in the arms of a man. She did not know him, the smell was disgusting and repulsive appearance. Feel the breath on his face was grim. She felt trapped in their worst nightmare. The fingers of his feet, cramped by fear and disgust. His heart wanted to scream, but her voice did not obey. His limbs were not reacting, were petrified. I fight the bastard who satisfy their basest instincts, was destroying a girl, a life, a be ... so pure and without blame, someone so clean all the evil that lurks in a world so shallow and basic, in which feelings and values are not taken into account. Everything to destroyed, why? For satiate carnal pleasure without any consent, a brutal crime. She overwhelmed by the violence of the foul deed, he lost all trace of his innocence. When this is not enough, beat her to take his fragile life. The very stupid to realize he had committed the crime, escaped through the back door, leaving the girl's body on the floor of the room. He woke up sweating and with a gasp that gripped his chest. By now, taking 3 days to leave those nightmares. It was already morning, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and could not sleep, the clock ticking so impatient. He rose from the bed toward the bathroom, but passing by the bedroom door of his daughter Lindsay had a bad feeling. He paused, and decided to enter. His heart leaped in his chest, slowly turn the handle. When the light that slipped through his legs illuminated the body of her daughter. He felt something break inside. He fell to his knees and collapsed next to the fragile body.


Premiere new moon *-*

New Moon, the second part of the twilight saga, came to our country on November 26. For those fascinated with reading "Twilight", the fantastic love story between a teenage girl and a vampire, comes the second part of the novel entitled "New Moon". Isabella Swan, a teenager, smart, moody, brave and sure, is willing to give everything for his love for Edward and do not mind losing his soul and his human condition to live with this forever at his side. Despite her love, Edward believes that it is appropriate to continue with romance as its only desire is the happiness of Bella. An unexpected rush of events. Edward ends his relationship with Bella and leaves his family to another city. At this time, a number of questions will open the reader to catch in the plot of this novel. Can withstand the departure of Edward Bella? Why seek constant challenges? Will I need to be on the brink of danger to re-hear the voice of Edward? Who really is Jacob and that its place in your life? The young reader will enjoy the story from the first pages of the novel, in which reality and fiction intertwine. Romance, intrigue, mystery, suspense, danger, adventure, change scenarios, numerous sensory images, and lots of descriptions are the elements to engage readers immediately immersed in the plot. Exciting, emotional, entertaining, poignant and full of surprises, "New Moon" will not disappoint those who enjoyed reading "Twilight" and waited for the continuity of the exciting romance between Bella and Edward.

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Learn something about English*

Present Simple [★]

● This simple, also called the indicative tense is the simplest of English. Is often used to talk about facts that are habits or customs.

●It forms the basis of the verb form of the infinitive. The infinitive consists of two particles and the base form to the verb, so, for example, to eat is an infinitive which means to eat.

●The only difficulty you write, as usual, in the 3rd person singular, in fact, this 3rd person is special when conjugate verbs. As a general rule is added to s, although we will see that there are some exceptions.

► Use of this simple
●This tense is used to express facts or general truths.

The Sun warms the atmosphere. -> The sun heats the armósfera

●We also use the present simple to talk about habits in this case, prayer frequency expressions usually appear as usually or always.

We usually play tennis. -> We play tennis occasionally.
You always study. -> You estudiais forever.

●Also use it to express horarior or programs (such as a theater performance program).

The train leaves in an hour. -> The train arrives in an hour.

► Spelling rules for the 3rd person singular

●As a rule, the verb form of the 3rd person singular is added to s, however, there are a few rules for a series of verbal forms that are special:

1 .- When the verb already ends in s, or a similar sound as sh, ch or x:
watch -> watches (mirar) dash -> dash (Arrojar)

2 .- When the verb ends in or is also added:
go -> goes (ir) do -> does (hacer)

3 .- When the verb ends in y, since it precedes a consonant, we have to change the y to i to add is below:
fly -> flies (volar) study -> studies (estudiar)

**rules of the verb HAVE

Have and have comes from the verb to have, which means having Have it for the following people: I, YOU, WE, YOU, THEY You is for the rest, HE, SHE, IT

☆These are the same spelling rules that apply to form the plural. They are also used to form other tenses.

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BooK (comic)

The umbrella AcademY! (♡)

-The Umbrella Academy is a comic written by lead singer of the band *My Chemical Romance! (♡)Gerard Way! [★].
Is a limited series of 6 numbers, winning two Eisner Awards and presents the incredible drawings by Gabriel Bá and covers the fantastic James Jean. It appears to be made into a film by Universal Pictures.
●GerarD waY! (♥)*

- "In a year unusual for mankind born 43 children" extraordinary. "All single mothers, with no apparent signs of pregnancy and in the strangest places. Only 7 of these children were saved from his fate and educated by tycoon Sir Reginald Hargreeves to control his bizarre powers, why? To save the world, said ... "

-Let them here the first complete miniseries brought in from the Legend of the Star Wars Kingdom-X translation and models of Budapest. In addition, a "number zero for the Free Comic Book Day.

● Zero

● One!

● TwO!

● Three!

● FouR!

● FivE!

● SiX!

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Moulin Rouge: YouR sOng!

My gift is my songAnd this one is for youAnd you can tell everybodyThat this is your song

And may be quite simple thatNow that it´s doneI hope you don´t mindI hope you don´t mindThat I put down in wordsHow wonderful life isNow you´re in the world

Sat on the roofAnd I kicked off the mossWell singing these versesWell they, they got me quite crossBut the suns been kindWhile I wrote this songIt´s for people like you That keep it turned on.

So excuse me forgettingBut these things I doYou see I´ve forgottenIf they´re green or they´re blueAnyway the thing isThat I really love youYours are the sweetest eyesThat I´ve ever seen

So excuse me forgettingBut these things I doYou see I´ve forgottenIf they´re green or they´re blueAnyway the thing isThat I really love youYours are the sweetest eyesThat I´ve ever seen

I hope you don´t mindI hope you don´t mindThat I put down in wordsHow wonderful life isNow you´re in the world.


Pride And Prejudice *

*This was inspired by a book by Jane Austen, published in 1813 as the first romantic comedy of epoca.La story is about a marriage of five daughters of which the mother wants to marry as soon as possible, being a bit excessive and exagerada.La eldest daughter falls in love with a man who is arriving in the capital. Therefore breast strives to end up marrying. In the first dance they are known, thus begins the story as there are also known Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who are the first encounter protagonistas.El not the best and only disgust and proboca Over the malestar.Con These days more and more hated, but at heart they loved. The concideras that the family is unfit and that his friend's girlfriend does not want to like her, which intrudes and ended the relationship. Elizabeth on hearing of this, I hate him even more and everything becomes sad. She goes to visit a friend and encounters with her lover, she criticizes his wrongdoing, but becomes more interested in her than in the problems of sister asks him to marry but she rejects him for his prejuicios.El is broken up but tries to address the mistakes I made. Eventually the Countess goes home to claim for their commitment to the, to which this responds that no such compromiso.A which she feels sad given how much that if he wants and what necesita.Luego he goes in his quest and declared each other. In short, the aim is that she must overcome his prejudices and his pride must overcome to be together. (L)

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My name is Marjorie, live in Pte Alto, Santiago, Chile. I like reading and listening to music with content, either in English or Spanish. Movies I like entertaining, the horror, the occasional gore and some love <3!.>